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The Faces Behind Freebird



Owner/Lead Photographer/Creative Director Wearing skinny jeans, peace signs and pearls, this 5-foot-1 New England native found her passion in photography. After graduating from high school in 2007, she decided to spread her wings and see what was outside of her little New Hampshire bubble. She quickly fell in love with the culture that Colorado had to offer: hiking, coffee shops, arts and music, life long friends, new opportunities and a lifestyle that was a welcomed change in pace. After graduating from Colorado State University in just three years, this Freebird wasn't quite ready to start her journey home yet. Drawn to the South by the charm of thick accents, palm trees and beaches, she started working for Nice Branding Agency, a small marketing and branding firm right outside of Tampa, Florida. The owner, only a few years older than she, took her under her wing and taught her the ropes in everything business-branding. As the old adage goes, days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years. By now, the entrepreneurial spirit was running through her veins--and, to her parents excitement--she was homesick. Fast forward a few years where the concept of Freebird Photography has now became a reality. Happy to be back in touch with her New England roots, Kate can be seen running around Newburyport with her Mini-Autrailian Shepherd, Gretta, in tow.



Freebird Second Shooter

A graduate of University of New Hampshire, New England is no foreign place to this chick. Hitting the slopes in the winter and the water in the summer, Marissa lives and loves everything Northeast.

This reality TV junkie and Words with Friends expert has a love affair with--well, food. (Hold the beets, grape leaves and raw oysters please 'n thank you!)

When it came time to take on a second shooter, there was no doubt in Kate's mind that Marissa was the perfect fit. She's social, super approachable, creative, great behind a lens, and really exhibits what the Freebird brand and philosphy is all about.

Together Kate and Marissa can be seen working the floor together during weddings and other large scale events.

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